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1 min readApr 17, 2022


Last night Saturday 16th April , we held our first AMA on Discord.

After a few requests from the community we decided this would be great and it was!

For 3 hours or so we sat and chatted with lots of different people and answered all questions that were posed to us, some questions we expected but others we did not and it was via these questions that we learned and grew!
Lots of cool ideas flowed between us all and it was great fun and very informative.

We got an overwhelmingly positive response and are excited to do another very soon, it was agreed that a Twitter spaces would be a good next step so we are going to go ahead and arrange that for you all.

You can find a brief summary written by one of the attendees here:

Overall it was very fun and informative for all involved , and we would like to extend a huge thanks to everyone who attended and our sincere gratitude for your support.

More to come soon!

Oracle Swap Team



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