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2 min readJul 1, 2022


Today the poll to make changes to the allocation of the rewards for the PRO/WSGB pair will be initiated.

As we mentioned in the previous post found here →

In brief the proposal was to raise the allocation of rewards for the PRO/WSGB token pair in the MasterProphet Farm from 14% of the allocation to 18%, we will now detail below the method of voting.

To vote on the proposal actors must sacrifice 1 Oracle Token and 1 Prophet Token to cast their vote. Voters will send 1 of each token to a wallet address that is specifically set up for this vote.

*If an actor tries to skew the vote one way or the other by sending a large amount of tokens, their vote is still only counted as 1.

For example:

100 Addresses vote YES with a combined Token value of 200.

2 address vote NO with a combined Token Value of 1000.

The weight of the unique addresses (100) voting YES will outweigh the Token value weight of the addresses that voted NO.

— — — — — — — — —

There will be 2 wallets, a wallet for the YES vote and a wallet for the NO vote.

Voting will be concluded July 4th 12pm PDT and locked it by the tokens being sent to the dead/burn address. Votes will be tallied and announced on OracleSwap social media accounts.

All tokens that are gathered from the vote will be burned by being sent to a dedicated dead wallet address which will be posted for you all to review.

The YES and NO addresses are detailed below.

If you vote YES to the proposal on the PRO/WSGB reward rate allocation increase please send your vote to this address:


If you vote NO on the PRO/WSGB reward rate allocation increase please send your vote to this address:


Thank you for your support and commitment to Oracle Swap and we are excited to get the vote started.

  • OracleSwap Team
Here is a visual of the percentage allocation for each pair before and after the changes we have proposed.



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