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Oracle Swap
3 min readApr 9, 2022


Hi all!

Welcome to Oracle Swap’s Medium account.

Last night we publicly revealed ourselves to the songbird community via a twitter post and since then have rapidly grown in follower count across all of our socials (which we will list below).

We would just like to take a moment to give our thanks and appreciation to everyone who has decided to get involved with our socials , the community at large and to the teams working on all of the various projects on the SGB Network for their support and enthusiasm for what we are doing.

Oracle Swap is the first true Decentralised Exchange on the Songbird Network with the functionality of the bigger and more well known DEX’s we are all aware of and use frequently, with the ability to swap any SGB token for another and to create liquidity pools.

Right now we have released the landing and introduction page so new users can get a feel for who we are and what we have planned, over the coming days and weeks we will go into each aspect of the website in greater detail and expand on what has been revealed already.

We have created a quite expansive Gitbook where you can find out all the details and get up to speed with the workings of the DEX and the other aspects of what we are doing, which we feel is a great tool for new users to acclimatise themselves with DeFi and the process we have outlined for going forward with the project in general.

It has been a real labour of love for our team as we feel the songbird network is a great platform for creators in the crypto space and to be innovating and creating in this community is really a passion for us and we enjoy every aspect of the process.

After many late nights and lengthy conversations with creators in the space as well as general SGB community members it was abundantly clear that a DEX was sorely needed and very much wanted by a vast amount of people and it wasn't available.
It was then that we decided to take action and create this for the community , the people that comprise the SGB Network have been some of the nicest and friendliest people we have ever come across in the cryptosphere and we have built some pretty solid friendships and business connections along the way.

We have to at this point give some much needed respect to the flare team for their work and continued efforts to drive this network forward into the future, innovating new ways to utilise the network and bring SGB and eventually FLARE Network to the mass of crypto users. We salute you for your work and we wouldn't be here without you guys working so hard in the background, and i think we can confidently speak for the NFT creators out there also in expressing gratitude for building a place where we can be creative in new ways and get our projects out to the world.

Our goal is to build an ecosystem that includes the Decentralised Exchange , NFT Marketplace and an FTSO provider.
We wanted to create a one stop shop for all of your SGB needs and we are confident that you will all be happy with the products we intend to deliver.

Thank you all once again for your initial and ongoing support and we are thrilled to be able to work alongside you all moving forward.

Best Regards
The Oracle swap Team



Oracle Swap

The first premiere decentralized exchange on the #SongbirdNetwork. Head on over to , and give it a try.