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3 min readMay 17, 2022

Hello everyone!

Its been a hot minute since our last medium post but its been all systems go and full throttle , now we have a moment of peace we can sit down and go over everything thats happened recently.

Firstly , we would like to extend a MASSIVE Thank you to everyone who has been involved with Oracle Swap and has been interacting with us on all of our socials!

So, since our last post we launched the NFT project “The Oracles” , which was a collection of 22,222 high resolution 3D rendered unique characters.
We launched the NFTs on May 5th at 5pm PST at a price of 1111sgb.
To our awe and amazement they flew out at a rapid speed and before we knew it they were SOLD OUT! In just 9 days all 22,222 NFTs were in the hands of almost 2000 unique holders , which is a HUGE achievement in and of itself!

We shot up the token holders list and currently sit at rank 17 of the most held token , and to top it off it was the biggest NFT project to sell out in songbird history which is incredible and we think reflects the sentiment of the community towards what we are building here with the DEX and eventually the NFT Marketplace and FTSO.

Before and during the NFT launch we hosted and were part of a few interviews and twitter spaces , most notably was our interview with John from Flare Community Youtube and Twitter , and our Twitter spaces with The Good Morning Crypto Channel and The Bearable Bull!

We plan on making these spaces a regular thing and intend to raise the bar over time with more guests and speakers , introducing them and a wider audience to what we are doing with Oracle swap and what is happening in the broader Songbird and Flare network space.

Getting to the nitty gritty!
Some key information worth remembering :

*Our snapshot for all ALL Holders will take place AFTER the lock period of Epoch 37 (Approx Mid June)

*The DEX will launch approx 2 weeks after the snapshot

* We will be doing random giveaways to holders of the Oracle NFTs of $500 at the end of each epoch to the value of $10'000 total over the span of 20 epochs (this may increase TBC)

*We intend to make the DEX Fully Decentralised with smart contracts running everything and a governance system will be implemented which gives the oracle token holders vote power to introduce and make changes to the DEX.

*The introduction of an incentive token to the DEX which reward LP providers and eventually people who delegate to our FTSO. (more on this will follow soon)

As more is announced we will create more Medium posts to reflect the updates.

So right now we are in building mode at Oracle Swap HQ , adding the incentive token feature to the DEX and adding lots of new and requested features to the NFT Marketplace.
While this happens and we all patiently wait for the release of the DEX we will continue to engage with our awesome community via Twitter and discord. Building foundational relationships with members of the Songbird and Flare community and strengthening ones we have already made.

If you would like to keep up to date with what we are doing on a more consistent basis we suggest you follow us on Twitter and Discord as these are our main channels ,which i will link below.


Thanks once again to EVERYONE who has jumped in and gotten involved with the project , we are humbled and immensely grateful for everything.

Utmost respect and gratitude

CJ & Shahram
Oracle Swap Founders



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